One Room Challenge // Week One

October 1, 2014

Hellooooooo. Welcome! I am so very very excited -- and only a little bit scared -- to be participating in the One Room Challenge for the second time around. (You can see my first go at it here.) I long debated whether to start over on our dining room or finally take a stab at our master bedroom....With a tot just over a year old and finally sleeping consistently in her own bed (knock on wood), I'm thinking there's more value in transforming our bedroom into a sanctuary. Outside of a new king bed, this room has not been touched since we moved in almost three years ago.

I think it's time.

Here's where we begin. And I would be remiss if I did not say that I am HUGELY embarrassed by these befores after three years here. Hugely.

That bed just looks so sad and lonely, doesn't it? Cute kitty though.

Books, mags and cords are my nemesis.

The shoe cabinet came from my grandpa's office. Needs sprucing. Bench will get a long awaited makeover.

Flashlight and toilet paper? So prepared for emergencies!

Why even make the bed?

I mean, sort of wondering what I was thinking when I brought this home....
BTW, there's my dirty laundry.

Two armoires?? Yes. Because my husband is attached to the last piece of furniture he can say he picked out himself (before I came along, of course).

Why is the breakfast tray up there you ask? We're not sure either.
Not because we use it for breakfast in bed, I can tell you that.

Truthfully, I don't hate the wall color. I just think the room could use some brightening up.

The moulding and trim are stellar at least.

And here's the rough plan:

I say rough because I am not really one to follow a plan. But for the sake of establishing a general direction, action items are below:

- bring in rug for a pop of color

- paint the room (most likely a warm, light grey)

- remove armoires (One of which is left over from the previous One Room Challenge! We never got it downstairs and out of the house. Oopsies.)

- solve for dresser

- new bedside lamps (gourd or round to counteract all of the boxy elements)

- explore new bedside tables? paint existing?

- account for additional beside storage needs if applicable

- art

- dress up shoe cabinet (wallpaper? paint?)

- reupholster bench - thinking animal print

- create reading nook

- solve for full length mirror with armoires out

- of course, display plenty of brassy vintage accents! #brassforeva

I'm hoping to achieve something that feels warm, bright and airy with color pops, comfortable and, ultimately, very livable. What you see in six weeks will not be staged for photos. It will reflect how we actually intend to use this space...which means I'm solving for the piles of magazines, the kleenex box, laundry basket, etc. Here's hoping I can make it beautiful! Thanks for following along.

Now for my favorite part -- let's go see what the other players are starting with!

Artist // Trine Panum

September 30, 2014

 photo by Nikoline ROSE HILL ​​KJELDSEN for Trine Panum

I came across Trine Panum's gorgeous work in a fluke Pinterest visit last week. (I rarely have luxury internet time anymore.) Needless to say, I am totally swooning.

 images via Trine Panum

I've decided that I'm either coming back as a brilliant painter or a house cat in my next life.
Artistic genius or eighteen hour naps? Toss up.

One Room Challenge || Round 2

September 26, 2014

Helloooooooooo. It's been awhile. I'm sad about that. Which is why I'm excited to let you know that I'll be coming back soon (like, next week) for another round of the One Room Challenge! For those of you that may not be familiar, the ORC was started several years ago by Linda of Calling It Home and has grown into a super inspiring semi-annual event where 20 bloggers make over a room from start to finish in six (short) weeks. It's intimidating, it's grueling, it's a whirlwind...and it's also a lot of fun. Linda has also opened this up to anyone who wants to participate with a linking event (details here). SOOOO much amazing inspiration from SOOOOO many talented peeps! If you're not up for participating, it's equally enjoyable to follow along each week.

The fun starts next Wednesday! I chose to make over my office in the last round. Stay tuned to find out what room I'm fixing up this time (and see which other amazing bloggers will also be joining in).

Happy Friday!

Dining Space by Studio OINK

June 23, 2014

deep breath.


you weren't ready, were you?

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