One Room Challenge No. 1 // Fall 2015

October 7, 2015

Hello! I am ecstatic to be here today to kick off the Fall 2015 One Room Challenge hosted by the very fabulous Linda of Calling It Home! (Cue unnecessary exclams!!!) This is my fourth time participating in the challenge, and I have to admit that I'm as nervous and excited today as I was writing the very first post of the very first challenge. It's such a tremendous compliment to be asked to participate because there are always so. many. talented designers that take this thing on. If you've done it, you know that making over a room in 6 weeks (with an audience, mind you) is no cake walk. Especially for anyone as indecisive and hot-messish as myself.

I'm a total sucker for the sheer excitement this semi-annual event draws. Everyone is ridiculously supportive of each other during this whole thing (as necessary as wine between meltdowns) and, outside of the initial 20 bloggers that do the official challenge, it's so great to see 100+ fabulously talented bloggers and designers participate in the link up on Thursdays. Not to mention the fact that it actually forces me to finish a space. Something that apparently requires external motivation and hot deadlines. I first thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tackle our original 1967 guest bathroom. And then I remembered that I'm pregnant with a toddler, and I desperately need my husband to stick around. Which seemed unlikely if attempting a gut job with such a tight deadline...

So I've opted for another space that's been begging for a makeover for some time now. Not because it isn't a great space. But because we need it to function differently now that our family is growing. Ad because my taste changes constantly and I'm just ready to stare at another color on the walls.

It's a bit strange to be showing before shots that I'm not wildly embarrassed by for once! Here's the room I'll be making over in its current state:

Photos by Jane Kortright
Lovely, yes. (At least, I like to hope so!) But it never felt finished to me (notice that there's a whole side of the room you don't see in these shots...that's because I never did anything with it) and, after almost three years this way, I'm about ready for a do-over. We're also losing an office -- coincidentally my first One Room Challenge! -- to a nursery.

** YAY! **

Which means that all of my shop-related things have been orphaned, and need a new home. Since formal dining rooms seem to get the least amount of actual use, assigning this room dual functions seems like the best choice.

Things I'm hoping to accomplish in here:
  • Comfortable, casual vibe. I love me some bold spaces, but I've learned that I don't love to live in them.
  • Kid-friendly finishes, fabric and function (aka accommodates messy fingers, crayons, and takes a good beating).
  • Suits six comfortably, ten in a pinch, and one when I can sneak a few minutes to myself.
  • Functions as an office without looking like an office. Plenty of hidden storage for business thangs, table pretties, and - because they straight up can't be contained - toys and such.
  • After almost four years, a space that finally gets used more than twice a year. I've already planned my first dinner party so the pressure is on!
We'll talk about how I'm going to make all of the things happen next Wednesday. Of course, you can always follow along on Instagram for real-time updates. Now let's go see what other amazing projects we'll be following for the next 6 weeks. I don't know about you guys, but it's dumb how excited I am!

Artist // Raven Roxanne

August 13, 2015

Just tipped off to an amazing new-to-me artist on Instagram (God bless IG): Raven Roxanne. It looks like she is quite the abstract artist. For anyone that's been around here for awhile, you know I love me some abstract art. The more colorful, the better! Hence my infatuation with:

Soooo many people mistakenly think that anyone can do abstract art. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "looks like my four year old could do it," I would be taking myself to a really nice steak dinner. Talented abstract artists have a trained eye, an incredible color sense, sensibilities to composition and scale, and often develop very personal painting techniques that are unique to their style.

So, no, not everyone can be an abstract artist. That said, art is totally subjective, so I get how some don't appreciate certain styles/mediums/subject matter as much as others. What speaks to one heart may not speak to another. My heart just happens to do extreme palpitations when it encounters artists like this one.

Raven Roxanne has more recently ventured into girls with florals, which are just stunning. The faceless silhouettes make them so moody, but the style and palette keep things lighthearted and fresh. It's the most delicious combo eva eva eva.

She's restocking her online inventory tomorrow, so keep an eye on her site for the latest! I know I will be.

Because It's Awesome + Joss & Main

August 11, 2015

Hi, friends! I'm really excited to share that I have teamed up with the fine folks at Joss & Main this week for one of their "at home with" features. I love sales that are inspired by real homes! It goes without saying that it's especially thrilling that this one happens to be inspired by mine :)

If you're unfamiliar with Joss and Main, you're probably missing out. It's a beautifully-curated flash sale site with daily hard-to-resist home design deals and steals. You can check out my home tour and shop this hot mess color-and-pattern-infused look here. (But I doubt you'll be able to stop there. Just sayin'.)

A few of my favorite pieces from the sale:

Hot tip: The bed in our master actually came from Joss & Main! It was one of the first purchases I made after moving into the house almost four years ago (because, you know, we finally had room for a king), and, needless to say, we're still loving it. So that should tell you how long I've been a fan. Find all of the goodness here. I'm off to consider a few new items for myself...

Post in collaboration with Joss and Main. All opinions are my own.

Inspiration // A Hallmark photo stylist's home

August 6, 2015

So I don't mention this a lot --

Okay, let's be real. I don't mention anything a lot due to my on again off again blogging schedule.

-- I work for Corporate America. And (gasp) I kind of love it. For some reason, I feel like those are words you're not allowed to say in blogland. I know there are a lot of us full-timers out there, but most don't talk about it. And I guess I've never really had a reason to either, because what I was doing for so many years (design/typography/hand lettering) didn't always relate to what I talk about here (interiors). But -- lucky me! -- those worlds have started to combine.

You see, I blog for a living now. And I get to talk about the most unbelievably talented people all day everyday. Mostly about their work, their craft, and the gorgeous products they create for our company. But sometimes I get to talk about their homes. Which is, of course, the very best part of the job for me.


Enter Andy. He's a wildly talented photo stylist for Hallmark, which is clear from the moment you step foot into his beautiful home. He's warm, gracious, and it feels like you've known him forever from the first moment you meet. To me, his home really reflects his personality. It's one of the most enchanting spaces I've ever been. Truly. (Like, I sent him a thank you note for the wonderful photo shoot when it was technically just part of my job to be there. It's all that charming.) I couldn't help but snap one thousand pics during our shoot, but you should definitely check out all of the real deal photos (by the same Jane Kortright that has shot my own home on numerous occasions) and hear the story behind the details of Andy's stunning abode over at Think.Make.Share.

See allllllll of the Hallmark home tours to date here. That should help you kill a couple hours on this fine Friday. Don't say I didn't warn you. ox
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